Everything you need to know about renting a car and exploring Barbados

So you rented a car in Barbados(if you haven’t the visit https://barbadoscarrental.company). Now you know freedom. There is so much more to do on the beautiful island now that you have hired car transportation. On this page we’ll list a few of the things to do and help you in getting around the island.


Firstly let’s talk about finding your way around the island. You may ask, “Do I need a GPS system?”. The answer is yes and no. The island is pretty easy to navigate and best of all Google maps in offline works works brilliantly with only minor glitches in audio here or there.

If yo want to know how to get the GPS maps of Barbados for free, check out this link which shows you how to download the maps on any smart phone. No need to rent one. If you are still interested in renting one with your rental vehicle, feel free to email us.

Click this link for the free sat-nav gps instructions


So you filled up the tank and you want to know if the gas gauge is working because “OMG” it just took $75us to fill your tank. Unfortunately yes as Barbados is not an oil producing country gas tends to be on the expensive side. It isn’t all bad news though, part of the cost of the gas recently was changed to go towards road repairs so you are in fact helping maintain the Barbados countryside roadways that you are about to fall in love with.

Where to go – North Coast to East Coast Barbados

Now I could go through trouble(and will in our blog) of telling you all the beautiful sites there are to see in Barbados from your hired car but there are so many sites already doing that. For now I’ll list the top 5 and leave you a list to check out the remaining.

First stop, Animal flower cave. Great view. Decent food. Be sure to walk with swimwear. When you go down in the cave you actually have the option of going in the water.

Second stop Farley Hill for a picnic and while there head across to the animal sanctuary across the street

Third Harrison’s Cave. Unfortunately they no longer have the Zip line but you can try out either the hiking tour(if you are adventurous ) or the tour on the tram if the walk may be a bit much for you

Fourth – A quick stop on the west coast. Anywhere really. Just pick any one of the fabulous beaches from Sandy Lane, to Payne’s Bay, to Carlisle Bay. Any one you pick you are guaranteed to be satisfied. You get bonus points if you can find Juju’s Bar and grill. It’s a nice little hideaway spot.

Fifth stop I would say is the gorgeous Crane Beach and Crane Beach Hotel. The beach is beautiful but a bit ruff and the hotel is one of the best on the island. They also have a great little desert shop called “The Village Cafe” if you are interested in satisfying that sweet tooth.


This list will be updated with google maps locations and some pictures later on but for now here is the links to other sites with things to do in Barbados.

Explore Barbados courtesy H2Homes(yes you get a free car with this rental as well) 

Barbados Like a Local Facebook page gives you lots of things you can do and they try to show you from a local or ,”Bajans” as we are called, perspective