How to get free Barbados driving sat-nav using Google Maps in offline mode

In this article we’ll go through 8 quick steps to show you how to use your smart-phone(pretty much any phone these days),to get free driving navigation in Barbados, or pretty much anywhere in the world. All you require is a wifi connection for the initial setup, after that ,no data service is required.

The instructions listed are done on an Android phone, however once you open the Google Maps app on an iPhone you can do the same.

Step 1

Open Google maps

Step 2

Select the circle icon on the top right with your initial or picture. If you don’t have a google account or aren’t signed in, you would be required to do so at this point.

Step 3

Select “offline maps”


Step 4

Select “Select your own Map”

Step 5

Pinch zoom out until all of Barbados is in the rectangle(or any area you want the maps for). The program automatically starts off based on your currently location. If you aren’t in Barbados then you will need to pan to the left or right until you get Barbados in the rectangle area.

Step 6

Hit “Download” and wait the status to say 100% at the bottom of the screen

Step 7(optional)

If you don’t have a data roaming package we suggest taking off your data service to be sure you don’t get charged while roaming(if roaming)

Step 8 (mandatory)

Go take a drive and enjoy the beautiful island of Barbados. Your work here is done. Type in any location you want to go to by name in the top search bar and you will see the option to get directions to the place based on your current location. As a bonus it also downloads the reviews. Hit directions and start to get going.


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