Rules on using the vehicle

  • No Pets are allowed in the car
  • No wet bodies and avoid wet clothes before getting in the vehicle
  • Absolutely no smoking is allowed. If someone is smoking outside the vehicle please put up the window as you would be charged for a smokey smelling car
  • Be considerate with sunscreen on the car console as this stains. You may be charged for this so please try to avoid leaving sunscreen stains.
  • No speeding. Speed limit is 60KM on local roads and 80KM on the main highway
  • Avoid leaving food stains in the car as this may result in cleaning charges.

All accidents must be reported immediately. You can call us at 1-246-836-2277

General Terms and Conditions

  • Bookings are not confirmed until payment is made.
  • Payments are refunded in 10 business days for cancelations
  • A cancelation fee of 10% will be deducted for cancelations over a week from the start of the booking and 20% for cancelations under a week from the start date
  • There will be no refund for no shows
  • All drivers must be declared before hand and over 25 years old.
  • Credit Card payment can be made by clicking on the green ” Pay with Credit Card” button on the top of the invoice page.
  • Prices are quoted in US Dollars.
  • If for an unforeseen reason the car model is not available, a car of the same class or above will be substituted for the duration of the rental.
  • A security deposit of US$250 is required. This can be held as an authorization on your credit card . This is refunded on return of the vehicle once there are no issues.
    If paying by card, you will authorize us to charge up to US$250 for any damages that may occur or for any fees that may apply (eg gas fees).
  • Vehicles are delivered with a full tank of gas. You are required to return the vehicle with a full tank. If the vehicles is not returned with a full tank, US$40 will be charged for each quarter tank level below full.
  • The smell of smoke by a hired car agent, cigarette ashes found by an agent or cigarette butts found by an agent left in the car will result in an automatic cleaning fee of US$125 deducted from the security deposit. This is at the sole discretion of the agent inspecting the car on return.
  • Terms and conditions for vehicles provided by a third party company may be different and will be indicated before bookings via email. In these cases, We will be acting only as a convenient means of payment.